Candelaria was born in Chubut, South Argentina, in 1989.

At a very short age she moves with her family to Buenos Aires, where she is currently based. Surrounded by three generations of women: grandmother, mother, aunt, sister and even a female cat, the feminine energy and strength prevails in her development.

Her first approach to art comes to place through fantasy: fairies, mermaids, and warriors overflow the pages of her folders and notebooks at age 14. Inspired by Nordic legends and J.R.R. Tolkien novels she undertakes her self-taught illustration journey.

After finishing High School she refuses to study fine arts in a traditional way, believing this would pollute the essence of her work: catharsis.

For that reason, she goes for a degree related to her interests, keeping drawing and painting to her intimate expression. Two years later she receives her degree as Stage Make Up Artist at Colon Theater.

The following years are a constant and unconscious search of a style of her own. Major growth comes with performing different activities, mainly fashion editorials make up and tattooing, where she finally finds balance between work and freedom to unleash her creative self. With a fresh, feminine look, through carefree traces, soaked with beauty, thrill and color, she builds her own language which lets her imprint her vision and fantasy on a vast variety of formats: either creating a character´s makeup, working on an audiovisual work's art direction, or on paper, canvas and even skin.


On 2014 she begins to exhibit her work at events and Art Galleries, while she develops on a self-managed and independent way her own line of products with the aim of making the acquisition of her works more varied and accessible from any place in the world. 

Candelaria's desire if far from limiting her works to small art circles. The direct relationship with her audience through social networks has always been of great importance and it is because of this channel that she has managed to earn her place in the world of arts.

We are living in a new era where the artist-audience relationship has changed, leading to new ways for artists to accomplish their projects thanks to new technologies and concepts such as 'Crowdfunding'.

Candelaria's online store fulfills this aim, the financing of her art projects through a fair and direct exchange with her audience, working along small local entrepreneurs, from which all of products come from.


Regarding her career as a tattoo artist, Candelaria takes very few jobs per month as a guest in diferent studios. At the moment she takes appointments exclusively for the designs she publish via Facebook.